Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is NESCAFÉ® M-Junction and how does it work?
NESCAFÉ® M-Junction is the most anticipated event that allows our guests to enjoy outdoor movies from the comfort of their own cars. The concept is brought to you by TwoSpicy Entertainment Live Sdn Bhd & MD Events Asia Sdn Bhd.

2. What is the operating time of NESCAFÉ® M-Junction?
NESCAFÉ® M-Junction is open from Monday - Sunday from 5:00 Pm onwards based on showtime.

3. The ticket price is based on per pax or per vehicle?
Our ticket price is based on a vehicle which starts from Rm 99 ONLY.

4. What is included in my package?
Our tickets are inclusive of Entry for 2 pax in a car, Food, and the Movie pass for 2.

4. Is there any age limit for the drive-in cinema?
The minimum age requirement is 7 years old

5. How many people can be in a car?
For convenient viewing, at NESCAFÉ® M-Junction we only allow 2 PAX maximum in a car.

6. How are the vehicles arranged? Will I be blocked by another vehicle while watching?
NESCAFÉ® M-Junction arranges vehicles based on SUV, Sedan, and Small cars in separate rows. Large cars will be arranged at the last row automatically.

7. What if I needed to order food during the movie?
To order food you may on your scan the QR code attached to the user guide provided.

8. How will the audience be able to hear the movie?
Once parked, our guests will be provided with Bluetooth speakers, to be connected to AUX cable. The guests are responsible for any damage caused to the speaker by any member of his/her party and will be required to pay a penalty fee.

9. What movies will you be screening at the NESCAFÉ® M-Junction Drive-In?
We will be screening a wide range of popular recent releases and classics. The schedule will be updated every week on our Official Website.

10. How can I purchase the tickets?
Bookings can be made at

11. What other rules will be in place to ensure an uninterrupted, quality movie-going experience?
We have put specific measures in place to ensure guests can enjoy an immersive cinema experience. Guests are requested to turn off their headlights during the movie and to refrain from honking or flashing headlights, as a courtesy to fellow moviegoers. To minimize movement during the screening, guests are required to remain inside their cars for the duration of the movie except for using the restrooms. Guests are not allowed to bring pets to the venue. 

12. Will visitors be able to access the restroom?
Guests will be able to use the restrooms at the venue. To maintain physical distancing, restrooms will operate at reduced capacity and there is instructional signage to guide guests on best physical distancing practices. The restrooms are also frequently sanitized throughout the day in line with our stringent health and safety measures.

13. What happens if it rains BEFORE the experience takes place?
The organizer has the right to delay the experience (at the organizer's discretion but with a maximum delay of 30 Minutes) to wait for the rain to stop. If the rain still does not stop during or after this time, the movie experience will be rescheduled without any refund.

14. What if my session is canceled?
The experience will only be canceled if there are major occurrences such as natural disasters, riots etc. In such cases, guests will be allowed to reschedule their date based on the nearest availability.

15. What if I am late for the showtime?
Guests are STRICLY required to check-in at least 30 MINUTES BEFORE the showtime purchased. Failure to reach on time will deem your admission as forfeited with no refunds given.

16. I am an event organizer, corporation, individual, and would like to organize/ customize my own Drive-In cinema experience. Can I do that?
Yes, write in to us at [email protected]

17. Where exactly in Kuala Lumpur this Drive-In Cinema is located?
M-Junction is located at Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC) at 109, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.

18. What if I need to leave in case of an emergency?
Please turn on your emergency lights @ double signals for us to attend and guide you towards the emergency exit.

1. Is the food being served Halal?
Our Menu & Food Providers are carefully crafted and selected. All meats ordered from the caterer are strictly sourced and slaughtered in accordance with Islamic principles and their suppliers and producers are legally approved and certified by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).

2. Can I bring my own food and/or drinks?
We strictly prohibit outside food or drinks to be brought into the event area. All guests would be subjected to a basic vehicle check before entering the venue.

1. What happens if it rains BEFORE/DURING the showtime?
The organizer has the right to delay the showtime (at the organizers’ discretion but with a maximum delay of 30 minutes only from the booked showtime) to wait for the rain to stop. If the rain still does not stop during or after the showtime, the session will be postponed, and guests will be allowed to reschedule their date based on their earliest availability.