Terms & Conditions

Visitors and users (hereafter referred to as the Customer) of Nescafe M-Junction Online Reservation System on the Internet (hereafter referred to as System) agree to comply with the following terms of use (hereafter referred to as Terms) before any purchased of tickets:

The Organizer (TwoSpicy Entertainment Live Sdn Bhd & MD Events Asia Sdn Bhd) shall have the right to amend the Terms of use of the System by publishing the relevant information/news in the www.mjunction.my. The amendments enter effect upon their publication on the www.mjunction.my

1.Definitions and Interpretation
Tickets refer to the admission to the Event, which will be held at a venue in respect of which we have the right to sell you tickets. Evidence (including electronic/online purchases) for our event sold by us to you. Venue means any facilities or locations of any nature where the event is being held. We mean the organizer, Us and Our shall be read accordingly. You mean the ticket purchaser or anybody who in our reasonable opinion is acting with your authority or permission. You shall be read accordingly.

2. Tickets

3.Price & Payment

4.Changes to Event

The Organizer may postpone, delay, cancel, interrupt, or stop the event due to adverse weather, dangerous situations, or any other causes beyond reasonable control.

In the event of the event being delayed, canceled, or postponed, the Organizer cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred by the customer for travel, accommodation, or any other related service. Decisions to postpone or delay events are not under the Organizer's control; therefore, we are not liable and will not offer compensation or refunds of any costs incurred. A full refund (on the fee of the ticket) will be given if the Organizer makes the cancellation.

6.Canceled or Re-scheduled of Event
It is your responsibility to ascertain whether the Event has been canceled or re-scheduled and the date and time of any re-scheduled event. Where an event is canceled or rescheduled, the organizer will use our reasonable and best endeavors to notify you.

7.Use of details and data

Information is collected from those registering in the system to facilitate ticket purchases or other services available.

8. Conditions of admission

9.Safety Rules for the event

10.Restrictions and Prohibitions

11. Weather Conditions
The Organizer has the full rights to postpone the session, subject to conditions deemed unsafe such as the following (with no refunds given):

The Organizer has the full rights to completely cancel any experience subject to conditions deemed unsafe such as the following (by allowing a reschedule of date):

12. Privacy Policy
TwoSpicy Entertainment Live Sdn Bhd is concerned about your right to privacy. Therefore, TwoSpicy Entertainment Live together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, pledge to be responsible when gathering your personal information and to protect your privacy in every possible way. Although this Privacy Statement is not a contract and does not create any legal rights, it serves as an expression of TwoSpicy's commitment to protecting private personal information while purchasing Nescafe M-Junction tickets. 

TwoSpicy reserves the right to change, amend and/or vary this Privacy Statement at any time and will notify users of the same by updating the statement on Nescafe M-Junction website @www.mjunction.my (“Website”) and by including a "NEWLY UPDATED" label with the "PRIVACY STATEMENT" link on the websites governed by this statement for a period of 30 days.

This Privacy Statement describes the information that TwoSpicy collects, how it is used, when it may be shared with others, and how we safeguard its confidentiality and security.

This Privacy Statement is applicable to all users of our Website including Ticket Reservations, Corporate Sales, Marketing Research, Investor Relations, Customer Relations/Service, and Customer Support.

13. Refunds